Alchemy Financial Solutions
Alchemy Financial Solutions is a boutique professional association of select independent financial advisors who share a dynamic business infrastructure and brand, current market views, planning methods and specific intellectual capital.

Each advisor holds and maintains an individual Financial Service Provider (FSP) licence, and separate legal business entity.

Alchemy was established in 1997 by the bringing together of the shared philosophy and high standards in Independent Private Wealth Management.
These standards include customised business systems, progressive technology, and comprehensive and holistic bespoke financial planning. Each Alchemy advisor has in excess of 20 years' industry experience and holds as a minimum, the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation.

This unique combination of experience, technical skill, technological resources, and long term professional relationships, characterizes the ethos of Alchemy Financial Solutions, and is the platform from which each advisor furnishes independent financial advice.

The Alchemy Advisors
Robert Adshade
Robert started his career in financial services and specifically investment management, in 1992 as a portfolio manager for private clients on the JSE ... read more | email
Karen Mackenzie
Karen started her career in financial servicesĀ in 1989, and for the next 16 years, held a number of senior strategic marketing positions ... read more | email
Brett Rubin
Brett began his career in 1991 as a financial consultant with the Sage Group where he achieved senior status spanning over 12 years ... read more | email